Chartbook of Economic Inequality
This Chartbook presents the empirical evidence about long-run changes in economic inequality. The chartbook covers 25 countries – often over the course of more than one hundred years. For each country a chart shows how different dimensions of economic inequality have changed over time. A detailed description of the data sources is given for each country.
A global database of COVID-19 vaccinations
I co-authored a global public dataset that tracks the scale and rate of the vaccine rollout across the world, which was published in Nature Human Behaviour
A global database of COVID-19 tests
I was the primary contributor to a cross-country public dataset that tracked the scale and rate of COVID-19 testing across the world, which was published in Nature Scientific Data
Islamic Review: The Woking Wanderer
The story of a man's physical and spiritual journey, culminating in his conversion to Islam, for a one-off reprint of the Islamic Review.
Pollution, Asthma and Poverty
Data visualisations of air pollution, measured by NO2 μg/m3, its associated health risks, measured by the number of asthma-related hospitalisations, and mean income in major cities.
Lobbying and Unions: The Influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council on Right-to-Work Laws
A descriptive paper on the activity of the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the economic models of rent seeking, unions, and collective action.
Racial Disparities in Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom
An article outlining the patterns and historical roots of racial discrimination in the enforcement of drug laws in the United Kingdom
The Digital Divide is narrowing - but it's deeper than it looks
While almost half of the world’s population now have access to the internet, some concerning trends in the diffusion of information and communication technology (ICT) have arisen. If left unchecked, these patterns threaten to offset the potential benefits of the internet, and even perpetuate pre-existing problems. This post discusses the nature and nuances of the Digital Divide.
The Toronto Urban Journal: The ‘United Kingdom of Commuterland’
A viewpoint article about devolution, public transportation, and London. Published in the debut issue of the Toronto Urban Journal.
In Conversation With: Anderson Peguero II
A conversation with a New York-based artist.